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A- SERVICE PROVIDER : EXPORTZON LLC                           


Tax Number :                                                  

Email Address : /                                                  

Address : 1405 E Edinger Avenue 92705 SantaAna California                                                                     




Tax Office :                                                                 

Tax Number :                                         

Email Address :                                         

Address :                                                                     

Preferred Package : □ Package 1 □ Dropshipp ing / Seller                                              


EXPORTZON LLC ( ) and Supplier / Seller shall be referred to separately as "Party" and together as "Parties" in this Agreement. 


2.         DEFINITIONS


Service Provider : It is the legal entity that will put the products promised to be provided to itself under the contract by the Supplier / Seller on the e-commerce platform it wishes at any price . It is not a direct Seller of any product provided by the other party providing service .


Supplier/Seller : Exportzon the LLC ( ) platform with a variety of membership in the online market place for products to be put up for sale by serving with; It is the real or legal person who is responsible for preparing and sending the products in the order form delivered to him, within the principles specified in this contract, at the specified date, quantity, quality and price .


Dropshipping : It is a sub-Seller that purchases the products that it sells from the Suppplier / Seller and sends them to the consumer without stock. While purchasing products with the Service Provider, it will be subject to consumer principles. When selling the product, it will be subject to Supplier / Seller principles.


Intellectual Property Rights : This Agreement is subject products belonging to the brand and the parties , limited not to, to the side of the brand, logo, design, ideas, works, images, etc. All rights d .


Marketplace: These are the e-commerce platforms where the products provided by the Supplier / Seller Company will be put up for sale by Exportzon LLC ( Exportzon will be determined on which e-commerce platform the products will be sold.


Buyer: It is a real or legal person who buys the products of the Supplier / Seller Company through Exportzon LLC ( ) platform for the specified  price in the system.


Website : It refers to e-commerce platforms where the Supplier / Seller's products are listed and put up for sale by the Service Provider, especially .


Personal Data : California Consumer Privacy Act ( California Consumer Privacy Act ) pursuant identity are specially qualified personal data with any information relating to identified or identifiable natural person.




3.1. Subject of this contract ; It is the regulation of the sales, delivery to the consumer and other matters regarding the products provided by the Supplier / Seller Company by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) in various e-commerce platforms .  


3.2. In accordance with this Agreement, the Supplier / Seller is managed by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) www. He wants to become a member of the e-commerce platform named and benefit from the supplier / seller of the e-commerce platform services he owns in return for the commission he will pay at the rate determined in the package content.    


3.3. This contract is a framework contract that includes general provisions that determine all working conditions between the parties, and all transactions are subject to these contract terms.  





4.1. PACKAGE 1 ( Standard / Suppplier)  


4.1.1. Supplier / Seller, EXPORTZON the LLC ( ) 's set to EXPORTZON on market places , LLC ( in accordance with the procedures and rules of one or more products and / or publish the ads consisting of content and visuals for the sale of services, list my opportunity to refers to the package they have.      


4.1.2. There is no one-time entry fee to this package until the end of 31.12.2020 .      


4.1.3. Supplier / Seller Firm pays commission fee by category per product sold to EXPORTZON LLC ( ).      


4.1.4. Supplier / Seller has the right to an unlimited list of products on e- commerce platform.      


4.1.5. Supplier / Seller has the right to use the products, brand and subject in social media and promotional supports.      




4.2. DROPSHIPPING PACK            


4.2.1. Dropshipper has the opportunity to publish and list the postings of content and images for the sale of one or more products and / or services in accordance with the EXPORTZON LLC (  procedures and rules on the marketplaces determined by EXPORTZON LLC (




4.2.3. Supplier / Seller has unlimited product listing right on e-commerce platform.

4.2.4. Dropshipper has the right to use products, brand and subject in social media and promotional supports.        






5.1.1. The Supplier / Seller has the right and authority to make absolute savings on the product it offers for sale without any contention; accepts and undertakes that there is no legal or actual obstacle against the sale of the products mentioned.


5.1.2. The Supplier / Seller accepts and undertakes that the sale of the products offered for sale is not in violation of the rules and conditions related to membership, and is in compliance with all applicable legislation, including the products forbidden to advertise. Supplier / Seller accepts that all the legal responsibility of the products it sells for itself.      


5.1.3. Supplier / Seller accepts and declares the correctness of the information shared by himself and all information such as necessary permits, measurement, weight, quality and technical information of all products to be sent to EXPORTZON LLC (exportzon .com ).


5.1.4. Supplier / Seller accepts and declares  that it will provide the brand documents, technical documents, international documents, geographical marking documents, quality and assurance documents, hygiene documents, allergen documents and other necessary documents in full to EXPORTZON LLC ( If a certificate or any other document is needed for the sale of the products sent by the Supplier / Seller, the expenses to be obtained for these documents shall belong to the Supplier / Seller.


5.1.5. The Supplier / Seller may arise from any national or international legislation that may arise due to the fact that the products it offers for sale and the products stated in its announcement are prohibited products, the act of producing, reproducing, selling, distributing the product or service in any way is in violation of any national or international legislation . legal, commercial, and is responsible to the administrative demands in this direction EXPORTZON LLC ( to requests made against EXPORTZON LLC (  any legal, commercial and agree that defense obligations before the administrative authorities, declarations and commitments would.      


5.1.6. Supplier / Seller , pursuant to this contract product s sales indicate that the supply of suitable quality to be free from shame and EXPORTZON LLC ( ) ' s warehouse noted that send and delivery would provide; products EXPORTZON LLC ( I) 'of the products after reaching ate t üketici to sell, deliver, property and liabilities to the transfer of related rights only EXPORTZON LLC (  would be to belong agrees.      


5.1.7. The Supplier / Seller will fulfill the delivery and delivery obligation specified in the previous article through the shipping and customs firms approved by the EXPORTZON LLC (, send the information about the shipment and transportation to the EXPORTZON LLC (, and if the shipment does not reach the EXPORTZON LLC (,  without the fulfillment of these obligations, EXPORTZON LLC (, accepts and undertakes that it will not have any responsibility. The supplier declares and accepts that the type of packaging to which the products to be sent to EXPORTZON LLC (,  will be prepared complies with the general customs regulations.


5.1.8. The Supplier / Seller will give EXPORTZON LLC ( two prices for the products it sells for sale. The first pricing is the price that will be given by the EXPORTZON LLC ( the products to be sold to the consumer. The second price is the discounted price for the products to be sold to the Dropshippers who are registered to the EXPORTZON LLC ( system. The Supplier / Seller and Dropshipping may separately agree on the price, provided they do not reduce the commission to be paid to the EXPORTZON LLC (


5.1.9. The prices of the products to be given to the EXPORTZON LLC ( the Supplier / Seller preferring to use the EXPORTZON LLC ( warehouse will be the prices excluding the cargo. EXPORTZON LLC ( will make the procedures and pricing for the delivery of the products from the  exportzon warehouse to the consumers.


5.1.10. All transportation costs, taxes and customs expenses related to the transportation of the products belonging to the Suppliers / Vendors who prefer the Exportzon warehouse from the Supplier / seller to the United States and from there to the warehouse belonging to the company EXPORTZON LLC ( shall belong to the Supplier / seller. EXPORTZON LLC ( does not have any financial or legal responsibility until the products delivered are delivered to its own warehouse.


5.1.11. In case the products offered by the Buyer / Sellers who prefer Dropshipping Package for sale on “” are ordered by the Buyer, the order will be sent to the Supplier / Seller by the EXPORTZON LLC ( The Supplier / Seller will pack the product under its own responsibility with the necessary care in EXPORTZON LLC (  standards and send it to the Buyer within the time it promises. Shipping, shipping, customs, etc. of the Suppliers / Sellers who prefer Dropshipping Package. all expenses will be on their own. All legal responsibility for the delivery of the products to the Buyer belongs to the Supplier / Seller.


5.1.12. The Supplier / Seller will upload the documents in the "Seller / Seller Required Document List" in ANNEX-1 to the EXPORTZON LLC ( ) panel completely and completely. Supplier / Seller by EXPORTZON Although this documentation are presented completely LLC (I ) ' s Supplier / Seller's application showing cause rejection and / or has the right to request additional documents. The Supplier / Seller whose pre-application has been accepted will fill the membership form in EXPORTZON LLC ( ) system completely and truthfully. The Supplier / Seller shall be responsible for all damages that may arise due to false information provided by the Seller during the application. The Supplier / Seller will notify the persons authorized to perform transactions on behalf of the company on the relevant form during registration and any transaction to be made by these persons will be deemed to represent the Supplier / Seller on EXPORTZON LLC ( ) .  


5.1.13. The Supplier / Seller, the information given to EXPORTZON LLC ( ) within the scope of this contract, and any changes that may occur in the documents and information it provides, primarily, EXPORTZON within 15 (fifteen) days of the change. It is obliged to notify LLC ( and update its registration in the system accordingly. The Supplier / Seller will be responsible for all damages that may arise due to the failure to make the necessary notification in due time.  


5.1.14. Supplier / Seller websites to while he was a member of Websites according to the rules declared and related business content to create a user name and password; It will use this information to access its own panel, profile page, and perform some other operations. Supplier / Seller's password and user name of the security and privacy completely Supplier / Seller's responsibility, therefore, is responsible for all operations carried out by making entries via their profile from personally and exclusively.  


5.1.15. Supplier / Seller will be able to record sales statistics, stock amount etc. in the system he / she logs in with his password and username . will be able to track the information in real time.  


5.1.16. Supplier / Seller , California Consumer Privacy Act ( California Consumer Privacy Act ) pursuant to the processing in violation of the law of personal data and prevent access in violation of the law on personal data and to ensure the protection of personal data for the purpose, all necessary for ensuring the appropriate level of security, technical and administrative measures and it is responsible for taking these measures. Manufacturer / Dealer also Website by and all kinds of ads released for XML , visual, written and the reality of the provided information and other content, reliability, accuracy, and is personally responsible for compliance with the law. In addition, Supplier / Seller accepts and undertakes not to use the Website on behalf of himself or a third party to create, control, update, change and download personal information of other members and download it to another system. would.  


5.1.17. Supplier / Seller, its own Website communications passing through Recipients of the Website will encourage him to make purchases outside and will reject the proposals coming from this direction. The Supplier / Seller will not behave in any way manipulating EXPORTZON LLC ( ) organization, campaigns and discounts.  


5.1.18. The Supplier / Seller accepts and undertakes that for whatever reason, it does not make any commercial transactions directly through the EXPORTZON LLC ( ) and the consumer and dropshippers it connects with. The Supplier / Seller will pay the EXPORTZON LLC ( )’s losses and the penalty of 10% of the commercial transaction to EXPORTZON company without the need for a warning due to the direct commercial transactions.


5.1.19. Supplier / Seller accepts and undertakes that all terms and conditions in the documents attached to the contract are essential elements of the Agreement and that they will and will act accordingly.  


5.1.20. The Supplier / Seller will continue to be entitled to any kind of xml, advertisement, content and visual that has been submitted to the Website by itself. In addition, the Supplier / Seller accepts, undertakes and declares that he has allocated all necessary rights and powers to EXPORTZON LLC ( )without any time and place restrictions regarding the use of the content in question for the screen shots prepared for advertisement and promotion and in all kinds of visual and content.




5.2.1. EXPORTZON LLC (I ) , supplied the delivery of purchase and production / on the procurement process will fulfill the responsibilities incumbent, Supplier Supplier / Seller 's this agreement in the agreed all obligations to pay acts in accordance with this order form in the process agreed upon in the contract / form specified in s cost  Suppliers / Seller 'or execution will be accepted, and warrants.      


5.2.2. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) , the services mentioned in this contract; It accepts, declares and undertakes to perform within the conditions specified in the provision of the related services, to establish and operate the technological infrastructure required to provide the services specified under this contract. The obligation to establish the technological infrastructure specified in this article does not mean an unlimited and complete service commitment; EXPORTZON LLC ( ) may stop or terminate the services and technological infrastructure determined by this contract without any notification at all times.      


5.2.3. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) will store the products delivered to him under the contract by the Supplier / Seller who prefers any of the storage services , or in a field deemed appropriate by him or a third party. From the storage of the products under the necessary conditions, their safety, etc. EXPORTZON LLC will be responsible. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) can not be attributed to defects in the product due to situations resulting from damages and losses EXPORTZON LLC ( is not responsible.      


5.2.4. EXPORTZON LLC ( may list the products sent to it by the Supplier / Vendor who prefers any of its storage services, and offers them for sale in the marketplace it deems appropriate, especially “”. EXPORTZON LLC ( will decide on which market the products will be available for sale. Orders placed by buyers through their Marketplaces will be packaged and sent to the buyer in accordance with the transportation by EXPORTZON LLC ( EXPORTZON LLC ( will be responsible for the transportation of the product from the EXPORTZON LLC ( warehouse to the Buyer and the expenses related to the transportation.


5.2.5. EXPORTZON LLC ( , including the name-surname / commercial title, phone number, e-mail address, address, business type requested at the stage of being "Supplier / Seller" other than the purpose and scope specified by this contract ; Subject to the conditions stipulated in the legislation in force , via sms , e-mail, in-site information and similar methods, for communication and promotional activities, research, marketing activities and statistical analysis, or to contact the “Supplier / Seller” when necessary, to improve their processes to conduct research, create a database and can use it to make market research, EXPORTZON LLC ( ' s can be transferred to the company that in partnership, it can be processed and used by the company. In this sense, the Seller will consent to the use and storage of his own information by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) in accordance with the provisions of this article.      


5.2.6. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) may link to other websites and / or portals, files or content owned and operated by third parties. These links may be provided by “Suppliers / Sellers” or by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) company for the sake of ease of reference only and do not constitute any type of verification statement or warranty for the purpose of supporting the website or operator of the link or the website or the information it contains. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) is not responsible for the portals, websites, files and content accessed through links, services or products offered from portals or websites accessed through these links, or their content.


5.2.7. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) may remove messages that violate the operation of the system, the law, the rights of others, the terms of this agreement, the protection of personal data, and general moral rules, at any time and in any way; EXPORTZON LLC ( may terminate the membership of the "Supplier / Seller" entering this message without any notification.      


5.2.8. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) has the title of Intermediary Service Provider, which mediates the establishment of distant contracts. For this reason, LLC EXPORTZON ( ) ' s , by the Seller at the websites content published there is no obligation to control. Although EXPORTZON LLC ( ) is not obliged to check all kinds of content, including messaging through the Website , or to investigate whether there is an illegal activity or situation related to the content or product subject to this content. reserves the right to check the wish at any time and to close and delete access if necessary. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) will also be able to take action on the content in question, to cover the decision of any judicial authority, including the court and the arbitral tribunal.      


5.2.9. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) may publish its own or its customers' advertisements in all areas it will designate as an advertisement area on the Website , including the advertisement pages .      


5.2.10. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) is under no obligation to investigate whether the content provided by Buyers and Suppliers / Sellers on the Website is legitimate , correct or correct, including its employees and managers .   


5.2.11. The EXPORTZON LLC (  reserves the right to immediately remove any content published on the Website of the Supplier / Seller if it is against the legislation and / or deems it necessary. In such a case, the Seller cannot claim any compensation from EXPORTZON LLC ( ) under any name.   




6.1. The Supplier / Seller shall be entitled to receive the payment in return for the sales transactions that will take place over the Website and Market places, subject to the condition that it fulfills its actions specified in this Agreement fully and properly .            


6.2. Payments to be made to the Supplier / Seller by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) will be made through the Payment Protection System. Within the Payment Protection System, after the Buyer purchases the product, the product price will be transferred to the pool account. EXPORTZON LLC, after delivering the product to the Buyer within the specified time, the Buyer will examine the product and give the order on the Website . EXPORTZON LLC will be entitled to the commission under the package purchased with the approval given. After approval , the price paid by the Buyer will be deducted from the pool account and the commission entitled by EXPORTZON LLC will be deducted and transferred to the account of the Supplier / Seller .  The Supplier / Seller undertakes to act in accordance with the Payment Protection System. The Supplier / Seller agrees to have access to and understand all the terms and conditions of the EXPORTZON LLC payment protection system and authorizes EXPORTZON LLC to perform such transactions.            


6.3. The transfer of the payment made by the buyer from the pool account to the Supplier / Seller's account will take place after 35 days from the delivery of the product to the buyer. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) one every 15 days Supplier / Seller overdue receivables of the supplier / Seller's account will be credited.            


6.4. The parties will fulfill their tax obligations arising from this contract in accordance with the tax legislation of their country. The parties will not have any requests on this matter.            


6.5. The Supplier / Seller will pay the package fee it has chosen with this contract to   EXPORTZON LLC for each package period . This fee is the entrance fee of the Supplier / Seller to the system and even if no service is received, this fee will become due with the signing of the contract.            






7.1. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) will act in accordance with the Consumer Regulations of the country in which the Marketplace is located while operating in the international Marketplace. Therefore, unconditional customer satisfaction will be the priority of the parties. All Suppliers / Sellers working with EXPORTZON LLC ( ) agree and undertake that they comply with these customer satisfaction principles.            


7.2. The buyer may return the product without any reason, within 60 days of receipt of the product sent by EXPORTZON LLC ( . Parties unconditionally return the products that the buyer back the receivables will accept unconditionally.            


7.3. If the products of the Supplier / Seller preferring any exportzon membership package are delivered to the EXPORTZON LLC ( by the Supplier / Seller and then to the Buyer by the EXPORTZON LLC ( , the responsibility for these defective products is solemnly for the purpose of any provision. without it will be at the Supplier / Vendor. The Supplier / Seller accepts in advance that the product has been delivered to the EXPORTZON LLC ( by the Buyer in the event that the product is returned by the Buyer due to a defect. The Supplier / Seller cannot request any other information, document and proof that the returned product is defective from EXPORTZON LLC (            


7.4. Dropshipping Package prefer Supplier / Seller by the products sent Buyer by defective that should a claim without incontinence in the production of any provisions of responsibility totally on this defective product Supplier / Seller shall be. Supplier / Seller by the buyer of goods for further information that is being returned is defective, it can not demand documents and evidence.            


7.5. If the Products are returned by the Buyer for any reason, the Supplier / Seller preferring any Exportzon membership package may request that the returned product be sent to the EXPORTZON LLC ( warehouse (except for defective goods returns), returned to it or destroyed by EXPORTZON LLC ( All transportation and other expenses in the return process will be covered by the Supplier / Seller. In the case of return, the entire amount to be paid to the Buyer for the returned product will be sent immediately to the EXPORTZON LLC ( complaint to be paid to the Buyer.


7.6. Should the product be returned by the Buyer of any reason Dropshipping Package prefer Supplier / Seller product itself good for all shipping and other expenses in a process I will assume in advance. In case of return, the entire amount to be paid to the Buyer for the returned product will be sent to EXPORTZON LLC ( ) to be paid immediately to the Buyer .            


7.7. The Supplier / Seller accepts, declares and undertakes that the EXPORTZON LLC ( )  will carry out the loss and loss of the product, which has undergone the defect of the product and that it has determined unilaterally, without the need for any provision, notice and notice, in cash and at once. In addition, the Supplier / Seller accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that EXPORTZON LLC ( ) can deduct this price from the prices to be entitled by the Supplier / Seller.





8.1. The supplier / Seller agrees and undertakes not to violate the brand value and all intellectual and industrial property rights and to take any damaging actions by violating the brand design and industrial property rights of EXPORTZON LLC ( ) in any way and acting against the provisions of this contract.


8.2. “” brand and logo, design, software, domain name and all kinds of brands, designs, logos, commercial presentation forms, slogans and all other content created by EXPORTZON in relation to the “” mobile application and website. All intellectual property rights are in the possession of EXPORTZON LLC. Supplier / Seller, brand, design etc. of EXPORTZON LLC ( under any circumstances. it has no right to make any changes to all and intellectual and industrial rights. If the brands and / or logos belonging to the Supplier / Seller of EXPORTZON LLC ( are used outside of these regulations and the registered form, or if any unauthorized changes are made, the penalty for the penalty conditions set forth in this article will not be accepted and the objection will not be accepted. and declare, accept and undertake in advance and to cover losses exceeding this amount.


8.3. The Supplier / Seller undertakes that it will not violate the intellectual property rights of the EXPORTZON LLC (  and third parties in all activities carried out through the mobile application and the Website. EXPORTZON LLC ( reserves the right to terminate the contract of the Supplier / Dealer operating in a manner that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties or EXPORTZON company.


8.4. Supplier / Seller, the products that are offered for sale through EXPORTZON LLC ( , primarily the United States Copyright Law , and all national and international laws protecting Intellectual and Industrial Rights , unfair competition provisions and similar international laws and regulations that can be party to. No law that regulates intellectual and industrial property rights, registration, trademark and patent rights does not constitute a violation of statutory decrees, regulations and regulations.            


8.5. For any reason, the products supplied by the Supplier / Seller originate from materials etc.; EXPORTZON LLC ( does not have any material or legal responsibility in any process regarding the violation of intellectual and industrial property rights and unfair competition provisions to which EXPORTZON LLC ( be a party. The Supplier / Seller accepts and undertakes irrevocably that EXPORTZON LLC ( will pay any price the company will have to pay / stay due to its own violation within 3 days at the latest.


8.6. In case of violation of the issues regulated under this article, the Supplier / Seller pays the 20.000 USD penalty fee immediately to the EXPORTZON LLC ( for each violation and immediately upon request. The Supplier Company cannot claim that this price is high exorbitant.






9.                                      STANDARDS ON ECOLOGICAL AND HUMAN HEALTH


9.1. The Supplier / Seller undertakes that its products comply with the standards on human health protection, ecological standards and legal regulations determined by the EU, the USA and other relevant international organizations .            


9.2. The Supplier / Seller accepts that if these products do not comply with the required standards, he / she is responsible for all of them, and that he / she is the addressee of the appeals, complaints, lawsuits, investigations and prosecutions to be directed by third parties, competent authorities and authorities. Supplier / Seller accepts and undertakes that EXPORTZON LLC ( )  will not be liable for this, otherwise EXPORTZON LLC ( )  may recourse to it.


9.3. Supplier / Seller accepts and undertakes that the contract can be terminated unilaterally by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) and the products will be returned at their own expense if the products they send do not meet the required standards. Otherwise EXPORTZON LLC ( ) reserves the right to destroy the products without paying any price.


9.4. The Supplier / Seller, the compensation to be paid by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) any under this article, the loss that will be incurred directly or indirectly / will be incurred / to be incurred, the losses incurred due to the recovery of the product, the damages and damages to the brand reputation, In addition, it accepts, declares and undertakes that it will pay the penalty amount of 50.000 USD in an irrevocable way to the EXPORTZON LLC ( )  on the first request date, without the need for any provision, notice and warning. The Supplier / Seller accepts and declares that the criminal clause constitutes a liquid receivable capable of being collected by execution, not to make any claims of prostitution regarding the penal clause value, due to its motivation or invalidity.




10.1. In all cases considered legal force majeure, EXPORTZON LLC ( is not liable for late or incomplete or non-performance of any of the actions determined by this “Business Partnership Agreement”. For such cases, no delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default will be deemed to be deemed or compensated under any name for EXPORTZON LLC ( Force majeure term; outside the reasonable control of the party, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system improvement or renewal efforts, and any failures that may occur, power failure and bad weather conditions; and Although EXPORTZON LLC (  company has taken due care, it will be interpreted as unavoidable events.




11.1. The parties cannot disclose any information, documents, licenses and licenses, rights, trade secrets and targets acquired from the contract since the signing of this contract, without the written consent of the other party, in the country's borders or in any part of the world against the other party; and cannot share with third parties. The parties accept the terms and conditions of this contract, the essence of the contract and all other information relevant to the contract, even if they are outside the contract, the subjects informed to the parties or the matters that the parties are aware of themselves at any stage. undertakes to take any reasonable action and not to share with third parties in advance in order to protect these information against theft, abuse and misuse. The party that violates the confidentiality rule is obliged to compensate for all damages suffered by the other party.        




12.1. IR this contract binding on the parties, with the approval of the parties in an electronic environment will be. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) has the right to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement unilaterally at any time it deems appropriate, if it considers it necessary. To avoid doubt, EXPORTZON LLC ( ) also has the right to make additions to the Agreement , including those relating to certain services becoming partially or fully paid .        


12.2. These Agreement amendments may be made by EXPORTZON LLC ( )  (i) by sending an e-mail to the address that the Seller has given to the EXPORTZON LLC ( ) while subscribing to the Website, (ii) announced on the website screen or (iii) published on the Website. The changing provisions of this Agreement will take effect on the date they are announced, and the remaining provisions will remain in force and continue to produce the terms and results.


3.12. EXPORTZON LLC ( ) is not obliged to notify the Contractor / Seller of the Contract amendments that it has to make in accordance with the legislative changes that occur after the signature date of the Agreement . In addition , the details of the Services to be offered on the Website and the campaigns implemented by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) , the display times of the products, additional facilities and technical features may be changed by EBABAZN LLC ( without prior notice. Changes made by EXPORTZON LLC ( ) will become effective and binding on the date of publication. The Seller is obliged to follow these changes on the Website and to fulfill the requirements of the changes .        


12.4. Supplier / Seller, following the campaigns and discounts announced and implemented by EXPORTZON LLC ( )  on the Website of EXPORTZON LLC ( ) , without waiting for any prior notification, to apply all the campaign conditions regarding the products included in the scope of the campaign and to manage the Buyer requests coming to him as a foundation in accordance with the campaign. are required.




13.1. This Agreement will come into force upon being approved by the Seller in electronic environment and it is valid for an indefinite period from the effective date. The parties can always terminate the contract if mutual written agreement is reached. This termination will only affect the relationship of the Parties; All responsibilities to Buyers will continue for the sales made by the Seller's Virtual Store.


13.2. The Contract shall automatically terminate when one of the Parties becomes bankrupt, requests for postponement of bankruptcy, insolvency, offer of concordat, appointment of a trustee, liquidation or filing a termination action against it .        


13.3. EXPORTZON has the right to terminate this contract at any stage of the contract, without giving reasons, provided that it notifies one (1) month in advance. EXPORTZON company is not obliged to make a notification by the Supplier / Seller in case it violates any of the terms of this contract. . In addition, even if the company EXPORTZON does not exercise its right to terminate the contract, EXPORTZON will always have the right to temporarily suspend and suspend the Services in cases of such contradiction. In these cases, the Supplier / Seller will continue to have all responsibilities to the buyer.


13.4. Parties may terminate the contract, provided that they have war, revolt, uprising, strikes, natural disasters, force majeure and practices of the country concerned and force majeure that are not expected to be foreseen and prevented, in writing, to other parties in 15 days. In case of termination of the contract before these reasons, the payments made by the Supplier / Seller in accordance with the contract until this date are not refunded.


13.5. Failure to pay the contract price as stipulated in Article 6 of this contract is a justified reason for EXPORTZON LLC ( . The EXPORTZON LLC (  reserves the right to temporarily close the Supplier / Seller  's profile for use by terminating the contract immediately, without any notice. If Supplier / Seller  does not pay the contractual fees within 15 days at the latest as of the written notification on this subject, it may stop the services it guarantees. This is at the discretion of the EXPORTZON LLC (  and therefore no liability can be imposed on the EXPORTZON LLC ( .


13. 6.In case of termination of the contract for any reason , the products in EXPORTZON LLC ( ) ' s warehouse will be returned with all expenses belonging to the Supplier / Seller . EXPORTZON LLC reserves the right not to return products or to dispose of the products in its warehouse if shipping and other costs are not paid. The Supplier / Seller will be responsible for any damages that may arise due to the failure to purchase the products from EXPORTZON LLC ( ) despite the termination .        


13.7. If the EXPORTZON LLC ( ) is the creditor of the Seller after the termination of the contract, EXPORTZON LLC ( )  reserves the right to imprison the balance in the account of the Supplier / Seller's account and the products in the warehouse.


13.8. Supplier / Seller initiates any legal proceedings against the EXPORTZON LLC ( ) , including any complaints, consumer complaints, prosecution investigations and enforcement proceedings, or If an information or document is requested, EXPORTZON LLC ( )   will immediately provide all the information and documents required to defend itself or provide the requested information or documents. Any damages and / or penalties to be incurred by the seller due to the information and documents not provided to the EXPORTZON LLC ( )  within the requested time shall be reflected to the SELLER. In addition, these amounts can be collected from all the Supplier / Seller 's stores. In addition, notification of a foreclosure notification to the EXPORTZON LLC ( )  from any executive or similar authority against the Seller, a reasonable suspicion that the EXPORTZON LLC ( )’s  Supplier / Seller may have a behavior that may constitute a fraud or fraudulent behavior or that a fake product has been sold on the website. or any other reasonable reason for preventing or reducing the victimization of a third party, EXPORTZON LLC ( ), including the balance in the account of the Supplier / Seller 's, limited to the amount specified if a foreclosure notice exists; in other cases, it may block a reasonable amount of 120 (one hundred and twenty) days to cover the violation or victimization in question, without informing the Supplier / Seller.

13.9. If the Supplier / Seller acts contrary to any of the terms of this contract and in the case of a related penal clause, the Supplier / Seller, EXPORTZON LLC ( ) and the third parties will suffer from the violation and the unilaterally determined damages and losses; In addition, it agrees and undertakes that it will execute the penalty fee of 20.000 USD, separately for each violation, on the date of the first request without the need for any provision, notice and warning to the company EXPORTZON LLC ( ). Otherwise EXPORTZON LLC ( )of present value of any default warning and without the need for denunciation Turkey Central Bank will process the rate of advance interest to be published for the relevant period demand together with interest and agreed in advance that the headmen to collect, and warrants. The supplier firm accepts and declares that the criminal condition constitutes a liquid receivable capable of collecting by way of execution, not to claim any prostitution about the penal clause value, due to its motivation or invalidity. The right to penal clause is independent EXPORTZON LLC ( ) is entitled to such compensation without terminating the contract.




14.1. The addresses and e-mails of the parties specified in Article 1 are also valid notification addresses. The party making the change of address or title shall notify this change in writing to the other party within 7 days at the latest. After this notification, notifications will be made to the address or title notified and the notifications to be sent will be deemed to have been made even if they do not reach the person concerned.


14.2. In cases where there is no clear regulation in this agreement, the relevant provisions of California State Laws will apply.


14.3. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Agreement will continue to apply and remain in effect.   


14.4. Disputes arising from this agreement will be tried to be resolved by mutual consensus within the framework of benevolence . If no compromise is reached, the California State Courts and Enforcement Offices will be competent for resolving the dispute . Disputes will be resolved under California State law and legislation.   


14.5. The parties agree that, in case of dispute, the commercial books of the EXPORTZON LLC ( ) and the e-archive records, electronic information and computer records kept on the database and servers of the EXPORTZON LLC ( ) will constitute binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence and that this article is an evidence contract.




14.6. The annexes to this Agreement form an integral part of this Agreement and are considered and interpreted in conjunction with this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and relates to all previous oral or written drafts, agreements, arrangements and agreement between the Parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement.   


14.7. Supplier / Seller shall not assign its rights or obligations in this agreement in whole or in part without the prior written approval of EXPORTZON LLC ( ).


14.8. This contract consists of 14 main articles and 15 pages and was issued and signed in __/__/2020 in two copies.