Polycarbonate glass visor / protection from viruses
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Polycarbonate glass visor / protection from viruses


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Manufacturer : exportzon
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Austria 10 (USD)
BAE 15 (USD)
Belgium 10 (USD)
Bosna Herseque 10 (USD)
Brazil 25 (USD)
Bulgaria 10 (USD)
Czech Republic 10 (USD)
Denmark 10 (USD)
Egypt 15 (USD)
Estonia 10 (USD)
Greece 10 (USD)
India 20 (USD)
Israel 20 (USD)
Netherlands 10 (USD)
Norway 10 (USD)
Portugal 10 (USD)
Qatar 20 (USD)
Russian 10 (USD)
South Africa 25 (USD)
Sweden 15 (USD)
Switzerland 15 (USD)
Ukraine 15 (USD)
United Arab Emirates 20 (USD)
United Kingdom 20 (USD)
USA 20 (USD)

Product Description

Product Description

Zero-packed visor in 5-pack.

- It protects your face from all external factors.

-Movable front trench.

-Easy setup.

- Protection against splashes and liquids.

-It doesn't hold the buck.

Doesn't affect breath.

-Atband with high absorbency layer.

Flexible shatterproof PVC film.

-It does not obstruct vision thanks to its high light transmittance.

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